Garden City Internships

Reach the nations right here in urban America. Combine developing your talents and skills through a summer internship with learning to minister cross-culturally with Navigators who’ve been reaching the lost for decades. Internships include: urban farming, marketing/communications, ESL/Arabic language learning, and business development (i.e. thrift store). Ministry opportunities include home visits/tutoring with refugees, prayer walking, sports, a women’s gym, farmer’s market, and maybe even baking classes. Dates: May 31-July 27. 

Internships Available

refugee/immigrant staffing agency (1 male)

thrift store (2 females)

urban farming (2 males)

marketing admin (1 unisex)

ESL and Arabic language learning (2+ females)

Other workplace possibilities will potentially be added


  • Eight interns or more will be selected to intern in various capacities, each being interviewed to determine which is the best fit for that particular internship.
  • Included in your weekly program will be 5+ hours of cross-cultural ministry training with Navigators staff, as well as 10+ of ministry activities.
  • Interns will gather for training each week, but housing will be provided in various locations in the Detroit area.


  • Length of internship: 8 weeks.
  • Arrival and set up: May 31.
  • Orientation: June 1-2.
  • Departure: July 27.
  • You will have the training and capability to fundraise for an extra stipend that would cover transportation to/from the internship or extra spending cash above your basic needs. 
  • The Navigators Nations Within has secured funds towards providing a per diem that will cover housing, food, and basic costs (i.e. transportation) while you are on site.
  • In addition, NGOs onsite may or may not be able to provide an additional stipend for your work.
  • It would be beneficial to have a car, but this will not be required for most internships.


  • The application process will be handled through the World Mission program.
  • Once your application is received and processed, you’ll receive a call.
  • If accepted, you’ll be informed of the timeline for training, fundraising, etc.

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